A potential charter school heading to McDuffie County


Pollock Moore Academy wants students to be college ready, and to be career ready.

NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, sat down with the co-founder of the school about the schools’ vision and mission.

To educate and learn with engagement, innovation, and passion is the what Pollock Moore Academy wants to accomplish.

D’Lee Pollock-Moore and her husband are educators working to get a charter school built in McDuffie County. They want to house about 200 students, who may prefer small class sizes to excel.

“We want to create a high school environment that is well discipline and fun,” said Pollock-Moore.

The proposed school will be zoned for all of McDuffie County and students who live in Harlem.

Pollock Moore Academy invisions helping students prepare for college, but the focus isn’t soley on college prep courses. Instead, they are teaching students trades.

“To incorporate our local industries, our local business into our schools,” explained Pollock-Moore. “And to be able to develop an employment pipeline.”

Like developing students to graduate so that they can work in their community. The co-founder says the school will also address the teacher shortage. 

“We need to have schools that are open to allowing student teachers to come in and learn how to be innovate, how to build relationships with students,” said Pollock-Moore.

For now, they are working to build funding sources to set the foundation. 

“If we are accepted by the local boards, we would be using local tax dollars,” explained Pollock-Moore. “If we are not accepted by the local board, then the state charter school commission have federal charter school money we would receive.”

Then Pollock Moore Academy will be looking for its charter.

“If the state does a charter for us instead of a local board doing a charter for us, then we would know that as early as this summer, but no later than next summer,” said Pollock-Moore.

Photojournalist: Antony Sherrod

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