WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – A new road coming to Waynesboro on Highway 56 could help with alleviating traffic problems caused by big rigs.

“A lot of trucks travel 56 and I think it’ll be more beneficial for them than any other transit group I can think of,” said Waynesboro City Councilmember Dick Byne.

A new bypass is coming to highway 56 in Waynesboro and city leaders say it could bring more business.

“Anytime you’re widening any kind of road, you’re going to bring commerce that you hadn’t even thought of because it’s accessible back to Waynesboro,” said Byne.

Byne is also a school bus driver. He says he knows firsthand the traffic headaches that come from driving on the narrow road.

He says, “Because of the port out in Savannah, we’ve got so many more trucks that are heading west, south and north and west and south are coming to through Waynesboro.”

The project was brought in on the local level with the transportation investment act along with several other projects. It was voted in by the C.S.R.A back in 2012. Kyle Collins with the department of transportation says safety is the biggest goal of this project.

“But definitely better traffic operations, in giving an additional route for larger vehicles to take in and around the city to try and mitigate some of the delays through downtown,” said Collins.

The new road will feature two lanes, a roundabout at the intersection of 56 and 24, a stop sign for Quaker Road approaches, and a stop sign at the existing US 25.

“It’s going to be a brand new build, it’s going to go off the Lovers Lane loop around and then tie back into the bypass US 25 north of that location,” said Collins.

It will stretch for a little more than two miles and Collins predicts that it will speed up commute time not just for truckers but for drivers too.

“By giving trucks specifically an alternate route obviously anyone can use the highway when it’s completed. It should make things a little bit smoother in the area, that’s just another avenue folks have to get to and from and around Burke County so it definitely can’t hurt and it will surely increase safety where that roundabouts going in,” he said.

Bids for the project open on Friday. The award announcement is expected to come at the beginning of 2022.