A new television show premiered last week on the Discovery Channel. It’s called Dirty Mudder Truckers. June 3, Team South Carolina’s episode will premiere.

The team members grew up working on trucks. Now their dedication to making the fastest and biggest trucks from scratch possible is going to get some attention around the world.

“We’ve always played in the mud. Started off, you know, going down to pipelines, power lines, playing in mud holes and everything and then it progressed into racing,” said South Carolina team member Michael Wilkie. He lives in Gaffney.

South Carolina team member Mark Castillo who lives in Wagener explained, “Learned with my daddy a lot. He used to work on cars and stuff all the time and I’d help him. Got into it. Went to some events watching some of the trucks run and just got one, one day and haven’t looked back.”

Recently a Team South Carolina traveled to Florida to compete. Their journey was documented by crews from Discovery Channel.

Russell Twitty, who is a team South Carolina member that lives in Barnwell said, “It was huge. It was something that I don’t think any of us in the mud world had ever experienced. I feel fortunate to be a part of something that big.”

“They’ve got one hundred plus cameramen, sound techs, drone operators,” said Wilkie.

Twitty added, ”Everybody had an assistant, everybody had a producer.”

“Racing a bunch of the teams from Florida. Members down there, they’re the ‘Dirty 7,’ and they’re supposed to be the fastest of the fast, and we just went down there to try to show what we got,” said Castillo.

The trucks race on courses with mud bog holes, jumps, and sharp turns. On the show, bets are made.

Wilkie explained, “It can be monetary or it can be, ‘hey I want your steering wheel if I beat you.’ I figured a reality show would be more, I’m going to say semi-scripted or kind of pushed but it’s really not. They really kind of let you do your thing.”

Although in Barnwell, these men race mostly for pride.

“Sometimes we’ll talk trash. Make little bets. It’s more of a friendly wager but it’s more of a bragging rights. If he beats me or if I beat him, that’s more of what we do around here. We don’t really do the money because the money is going to go back into the truck. There are gobs of money in these trucks,” said Twitty.

For the South Carolina team, truck racing is more than just being on national television. 

“The people you meet on the way it’s incredible all the people you meet, and we’ve become a family,” said Costillo.

Wilkie added, “Most people that do this are real good people. You know, jump in there and help you. It’s all about having a good time.”

Team South Carolina’s episode premieres June 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.

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