A look inside the Columbia County Performing Arts Center


Construction is wrapping up for the long awaited Performing Arts Center in Columbia County.

It’s a mere skeleton right now, but they allowed our news crew inside.

Columbia county is calling it the center piece of a new downtown in Evans.

County Manager Scott Johnson put on his hard hat with NewsChannel 6 to give us a tour of their progress.

“When you walk in now, you can really start seeing how it’s going to feel, and how the views are going to be and those sort of things. Being able to just stand on this stage and look out, you know, into the audience is a neat experience,” says Johnson

It will be about a 2,200 seat facility that was really only supposed to be a museum.

“The museum component never went away so it’s actually very much a part of this facility,” says Johnson, “and we’re going to be housing some Columbia County artifacts and history of Columbia County here and maybe some local artists pieces.”

Speaking of local artists…

“We’re very much hoping that the Columbia County Symphony and the ballet and even our neighbors next door, you know some of the folks that are in the arts, really in this entire community, will hopefully have a home here at the Columbia County PAC,” says Johnson.

From small scale shows, to those in the spotlight, the county teamed up with Innovation Arts and Entertainment to book a broadway series and much more.

“Anything you think of like comedians, again, the broadway shows, or a concert. It’s not really a concert venue, but certainly you can have a concert here,” says Johnson.

The Performing Arts Center is serving the county more than just shows and a museum, but it’s attracting a market for people to invest in.

“We’re already starting to see people get interested in this area just based on the facility going up. So, we know, when the facility is open and it’s thriving,” says Johnson. “The community around it is going to thrive, and the businesses around it are going to thrive as well.”

It’s still an active construction site. The building should be complete by the end of 2020. County leaders hope their first show will be booked for January 2021. Johnson says they are looking forward to booking as many shows as they can throughout the year.

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