A local woman talks being quarantined after Grand Princess Cruise


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — For some people from our area, what was supposed to be a dream vacation was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak. A Hawaii voyage from the coast of California. Passengers of the Grand Princess Cruise Ship are no longer quarantined and are returning home. The trip was aborted after passengers started reporting COVID-19 symptoms.

“It’s four days to sail to Hawaii, and each day you’re on a different island for four days,” explained Teresa Duncan-Johnson. “Then you sail back; it was on our way back when we found out about the coronavirus.”

Duncan-Johnson and her husband live in the CRSA. They took a cruise to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary. Duncan-Johnson says their vacation was interrupted and had to be quarantined at Dobbins Airforce Base for 14-days. She says not everybody from the cruise was tested for COVID-19.

“We had no gloves or any other protective gear,” said Duncan-Johnson. “While everyone else was dressed to head to toe like we are contaminated. We were inside intermingling with each other, not touching anybody, but never the less all we had was the face mask the gave us.”

Teresa told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, she was more worried about her husband’s health since he suffers from medical issues. She says medical staff took care of their needs, but it was a struggle for others.

“When you’re dealing with all of the red-tape, it’s kind of like you’re worried about this universal healthcare,” explained Duncan-Johnson. “It’s a living nightmare for people, and we found that first hand. They couldn’t even process the medication request for a couple of hundred people.”

It’s been since February 20th when they took the cruise. Duncan-Johnson and her husband returned on March 15th.

“Going out today for the first time since the quarantine and seeing shelves for myself firsthand, it was a little surreal,” describe Duncan-Johnson. “You kind of feel like wow, all of the eggs are gone.”

She says she hopes their story will encourage folks to take this pandemic seriously.

“We were in quarantine because we had to be, now we are in quarantine because we choose to be,” said Duncan-Johnson. “I wish others would make that same choice.”

Finally, the two are in the comfort of their own home. However, what they miss the most is family. They hope Easter is a realistic day to return to normal.

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