A local family stunned by the Notre Dame fire after they’d just flown home from Paris when it happen


People are worldwide mourning the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral that was destroyed in a massive fire. 

NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, spoke with an Augusta family who was stunned by the blaze because they’d just flown home from Paris when it happened.

The Darley family spent their spring break in Paris, taking lots of photos and making new memories. But their joy turned to horror when they got back to the U.S.

After spending a week there; Will, Anna, and Tricia Darley say they are still in disbelief.

Anna Darley: “All of a sudden, my mom would get these text messages from all of her friends, because of course, she is posting a lot of stuff.”

Will Darley: “As soon as we got off the plane.” 

Anna Darley: “We turned, and on the TV it would say Notre Dame is lit on fire.”

Tricia Darley: “It was shocking, and heartbreaking too.”

The shocking images of the world-renowned Cathedral engulfed in flames was enough to put the family in a state of disbelief.

Will Darley: “I was just glad I saw it before that happened.”

Anna Darley: “I was like I was just there; how does that happen. It was so real that it felt fake.”

But the pictures they took were more than real.

Tricia Darley: “I was walking around, and my mom would bring out her Paris book and read it to us, I got the hang of it. 

Will Darley: “Same with her. As soon as you see it, it all comes to you.”

However, their friends think otherwise.

Will Darley: “They are all blaming it on us.”

Tricia Darley: “They are like ‘you just saw it in the last minute.”

Anna believes the church will be different once construction is completed.

“Of course it is going to look the same, but you just won’t have that vibe,” said Anna Darley

Even after the devastation, the Darley’s are planning to go again.

Tricia Darley: “It was really good. It was one of my favorite trips.”

Will Darley: “It’s by far my favorite.”

Anna Darley: “Experience of a lifetime.”

The Paris Police Investigators say they think an electrical short-circuit most likely caused the fire. So far, about one billion dollars has been pledged to help restore the landmark. 

Photo Journalist: Antony Sherrod

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