A day of sweet victory at Truist Park


ATLANTA (WJBF) – The current kings of major league baseball and their fans are taking a sweet victory all in.

“It’s incredible that this happened! I wasn’t alive before the last World Series,” exclaimed Braves fan Adam Puckett.

Kevin Tapia said, “I couldn’t miss it. I’m like work or go to the parade? Let’s go to the parade, let’s have some fun!”

“Oh, it’s so exciting! I can’t believe we waited so long, 26 years to get here,” said Shawnda Lewis.

Jeremy Ray lives in Augusta and drove up to A-town Friday for the fun.

He said, “Got up around 5:00. Got on the road around 6:00. Met up at my buddy’s house here around 8:00. So we rode around trying to find somewhere to hang out and look important.”

Ray told NewsChannel 6’s Wes Cooper he’s been a Braves fan for as long as he can remember. Many other people feel the same.

“Grew up a Braves fan. I used to go to the games with my parents when you could buy a ticket upstairs and go downstairs so I’ve been here my whole life,” explained Lewis.

Puckett said, “The tradition for our family is to make a ton of food, sit on the couch and watch the game there but this season we had season tickets so we got to experience almost every game at home.”

According to many Braves fans, with the World Series win, a band-aid is on the Falcons wound after their Super Bowl appearance.

“Being a team that wasn’t supposed to be there, a team that didn’t have a .500 record until August, they have really been an underdog during this whole thing and I love it. I love every minute of it,” said Ray.

Tapia added, “Hopefully it happens again but you want to enjoy and savour any moment you have.”

Several Braves fans are hoping the Georgia Bulldogs will follow suit and win a championship in Indianapolis next year.

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