A conference is helping the cyber industry flourish outside the walls of the military base


The technology and cyber industry are both growing rapidly in our area. Businesses and organizations are looking for people to fill open jobs.

The Georgia Cyber Center is hosting a tech conference this weekend explicitly designed for those interested in the technology field.

The Southern Developer Conference is not only for people looking to get into the technology and cyber industry.

It also serves as a resource for the community who may not be aware of the tech business that is happening right here in their backyard.

Technology experts believe Augusta is on track to be the nation’s cyber hub. But are you connected with the industry that is moving into the city?

“Where do you go on a Friday night; you want to start a company, but you don’t know how to solve this one particular problem,” said Code School Instructor, Schuster Braun.

Braun says the community can get lost in a world of tech that is moving so fast.  

He believes The Southern Developer Conference will engage them to spark an interest in the industry.

“That’s where you as a person in the community, you as an individual can go and should go to get inspired, get road maps and stay accountable for your journey,” explained Braun.

A spokesperson for Dream Enterprise, a participant in the conference, says people in River Region won’t feel linked to the tech-business unless city includes them.

“If you want to improve that connection, improve the desire amongst the community to learn more about technology it has to grow organically,” said Angel Andino.

Andino told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, people depend on technology and when it breaks ….. a little know how can go a long way.

“If you use just a little bit of knowledge and just the right tool, you can just fix it and repair many of things that are broken in your life when it comes to technology,” explained Andino.

Both Andino and Bruan hope the conference may be the tool for someone to learn more about the tech field maybe even make it their professional future.

“This is their opportunity,” said Andino. “This is everyone’s opportunity, and this is our chance to improve technology for the community of Augusta.”

“You have all of the information that you need at your fingertips,” said Braun. “You need to go access it.”

The Southern Developer Conference begins Saturday 8 am at the Georgia Cyber Center Hull Mcknight building.

About 20 technology companies are expected to be in attendance.

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