A Columbia County neighborhood is counting their blessings as mother nature leaves a path of destruction


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — Several residents at Deer Run spent the day cleaning up after violent thunderstorms ripped through the area early Monday morning. One neighbor says he is thankful for his family to be alive after a tree broke and split part of his roof in half.

“It just sounded like a gunshot went off,” described Shaun Feeser.

That is the sound Feeser describes to NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson as severe weather touched down around his Columbia County home.

“It was super loud, everybody jumped, we have dogs, and they started barking,” explained Feeser. “The kids were scared, so I pushed them in them into a closet and started looking. It began as a couple drips on the ceiling, and I thought maybe we have a small little hole. As soon as we could see the damage, we got more than a little hole in the roof.”

Feeser says he was prepping for possible storm damage last night. He set his alarms to alert him if the storm hits. That’s when he says something told him to wake up and grab his children out of their rooms.

“At 4:30 am the phones went off that we had an alert,” said Feeser. “I ran to turn on the TV seconds before the tree fell above my son’s room. We pulled them out seconds before the tree hit.”

Another neighbor says the storm lasted about five minutes.

“You could hear the wind gusting,” explained Jerry Jeffers. “All of a sudden, the tone of the wind changed. It went from a high pitch to a low pitch. I jumped out the bed, and I started hearing trees fall.”

Jeffers’ fence and shed were destroyed. Since they live in an area heavy with trees, Jeffers says his family is having discussions about cutting them down.

“We want to keep them, but we also know we run a risk at doing that,” said Jeffers. “I think it’s worth the risk to maintain the trees that we feel are safe around here.”

Feeser told Devin this is the second time in four years, his property was damaged due to severe weather. He says he is lucky his family wasn’t hurt.

“God got us covered, and we got protection from him,” said Feeser. “Everything happens for a reason, and we will get through it, it was just a storm, will move forward, and everything will be fine.”

Photojournalist: Mark Gaskins

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