AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Le Chat Noir is getting ready to host the 9th Black Cat Picture Show on Thursday, August 17th through Sunday, August 20th.

The Black Cat Picture Show is an international, adjudicated, independent film festival that receives films from all around the world.

The films are scored by judges, and the prizes are given out after the films are screened.

We had one of the festivals creators, Duane Brown, come in to give us an idea about what to expect from this months festival.

For those who don’t know, give us a run down about what the Black Cat Picture Show is.

“Black Cat Picture Show is an international adjudicated film festival right here in Augusta, Georgia. We show films, independent films that Augusta would not see otherwise.”

Let’s get in to the history of this event. How long have you been doing it, and what made you decide to start.

“About 20 years ago, almost 20 years ago, we partnered with the Imperial Theater. We started a film festival that wasn’t really juried. Pretty much anybody in Augusta could show or anybody in the South East could show the film there, but again, it wasn’t international. It wasn’t juried. After three years, the Imperial passed on it, and the name went with them because they owned it.”

“Several years later, well, many years later, we started Black Cat Picture Show. Once Le Chat Noir was up and running, and it’s been, like you said, nine years going. We actually at first had this two year plan where the first year didn’t go off well, then, you know, we do one more year, but we haven’t gotten to the point yet where we’ve had to call it quits and we wanted something really special for Augusta.”

“We wanted something that was international. We wanted something that was juried. So and we wanted, again, to open it up to all walks of life. So we have films now that screened from all over the globe, and we’re really excited about how big it’s gotten. It used to be only a three day festival, now it’s for the big scheme and the plan was to have it for a week and we’re slowly but surely getting there.”

So, these films come from all over the world. Let’s talk about some of the places where these films have come from.

“We have films that are coming from Poland, we have one from Hungary, we have an animation from Israel. We got not only a good bit from the UK. We normally get a good bit from the UK, and we also have some from Italy as well. We have them all over the United States, and we actually have one local that’s shown in our festival this year.”

How important is film in this community?

“I think it’s important to the community because it makes us it puts us up there with the bigger companies that are doing things that are creative, and I think we have a really solid foundation as far as creativity in Augusta. I think also the collaborative spirit that the filmmakers have in the downtown area or even the Augusta area is pretty wild only because of the fact that mainly we’re all friends, and we the same people that worked on one thing when they’re probably working on the same film that you’re watching after that. So, I think it’s important just for that camaraderie aspect.”

Let’s talk about this upcoming event. What can people expect to see.

“We’re going to have a soft Thursday opening, which means we’ll show some programs for a couple of hours. Friday is going to be one of the main events. So, Friday night, we’re going to be continuing our partnership with A24 films. I say that like everybody knows what A24 is, and as you know, A24, they’re responsible for films like ‘The Green Knight,’ ‘The Lighthouse,’ ‘Hereditary.'”

“We’ve partnered with them three years ago to show the Green Knight at our festival, and we’ll be showing a film called ‘Past Lives,’ and then we’ll have the artist reception after that. And the artist reception, you can actually mingle with the filmmakers that have come to see the screenings and it’s always a good time and great food.”

“Saturday, we’ll have a full day of programing, and then, we’ll wrap it up Sunday with our award ceremony, but before that, we have a brunch in the morning with Mimosas and Bloody Marys. It’s a really it’s a fun time.”

Tickets for the Black Cat Picture Show are on sale now, so if you’re film buff or just looking for a fun activity that weekend then the Black Cat Picture Show may be just what you’re looking for.