$96 Thousand dollar plan to cut grass downtown


Cassandra Andrews lives on Broad Street in Olde Town and likes to take her dog for a walk in the median  but  wishes it was kept up better. 

“I think maybe they should do a little better of a  job as you can see now it’s kind of grown up a little bit I do have a small dog she loves to walk over there but when the grass is so high we don’t know what we’re walking in,” said Andrews.

The medians on Broad  Greene Streets  are highly viable, as   Augusta leaders  focus on improving the city’s look. 
“All the growth we are having what we’re trying to do to enhance downtown breweries that sort of thing entertainment zone we’re looking at doing we got to keep it clean,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom who chairs the Finance Committee. 

The Rec Department maintains the  medians but  that could change the department proposing  hiring a private firm  at a cost of 96 thousand dollars   o cut both Broad and Greene downtown every ten days from April to October that’s far more maitenance then the city’s does now.

Our philosophy let’s focus on these two areas downtown that get a lot of attention and turn those over to a private contractor that allows us more time in the cemeteries in our other 60 parks that we maintain,” says Recreation and Parks Director Glenn Parker. 

 “I don’t know about 96 thousand dollars that’s a high rate I’m sure we could get somebody to do it cheaper,” said Andrews. 

 “That’s a lot of money I would like to have the conversation and continue to understand what all encompasses it,” says Commissioner Frantom. 

It would help the city  look better but with that price will it make the cut in the budget. 

In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

the Rec Department says that 96 thousand also includes edging and weeding along with mowing the medians. 

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