Augusta,Ga (WJBF) From down here you can see the Fifth Street Bridge is in need of a lot of work and that is in the plans more than ten and a half million dollars in repairs are on the way but even after spending all that money it will do nothing to help you drive across.

In poor condition the 5th Street Bridge is plagued by problems, mostly beneath the old span.

“The various steel supports the concrete and a lot things that are underneath the bridge that over the years have gotten old and deteriorated a little bit,” said Traffic Engineer John Ussery.

A commission committee has said okay to the 10 and a half million dollar repair, but some are not as sold on the future plans for the bridge.

“Whether or not its going to be an advantage to us or not I’m not sure about this one yet I’m kind of out with this kind of fifty-fifty,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

Because after spending the money to overhaul the bridge the plan is to lighten the load by only allowing bikes and pedestrians.

“We feel it would be better and fit in better with proposed developments in the area and the existing Riverwalk if we closed it to traffic,” said Ussery.

“I never understood that pedestrian bridge I mean I’m not going down there walk across the bridge, walk back,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

“It’s going to be a pedestrian bridge to where, where are you going to walk to, you going to walk to the other side of the bridge and come back are you gong to continue walking, to where,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

But engineers say this isn’t going to be a bridge to nowhere it will be a destination to those who want to come and visit.

“There will be a little history walk that will be painted on top of the bridge deck there will be shade structures, benches, street lighting, potted plants, all sorts of amenities for the public is they choose to go up there,” said Ussery.

The bridge repair should begin in the Spring after the Masters and the bridge will be closed during the work giving motorists their first taste of life without the 5th Street bridge.