AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – More road construction is headed to downtown Augusta over at the 5th Street bridge.

It’s the bridge that connects Georgia to South Carolina over the Savannah River, and we’re going to see some major changes after it opens back up.

Imagine being able to walk, run, or ride your bike right here without worrying about a car coming behind you. In a little over a year, this bridge is going to be just that.

No vehicles will be allowed on here because it will turn into a bicycle and pedestrian bridge. They are adding benches, and re-doing the bridge deck. Repairs will also be done to the underside of the bridge.

The alternative route will be Gordon Highway.

Assistant Director for Traffic Engineering, John Ussery, says, “the volume on the 5th St. Bridge is low. Speeds are low, and the Gordon Highway bridge has plenty of capacity to absorb that, and we thought it would be you know an improvement to downtown as far as multi-modal transportation and a destination for people that are either on a bicycle or walking.”

Ussery says he also hopes North Augusta will extend their greenway. He says they’ve been in discussion with them for the extension.

Construction begins June 9th and will continue for 18 months until it reopens to the public.