Drew Cato murder suspects in court July 1


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Three people charged in the death of Andrew (Drew) Cato IV will go before a judge at the Judicial Center July 1.

It has been a long time coming but Cato’s family is hoping these hearings lead to justice.

“My son was murdered a little over a year ago,” said Drew’s father, Andy Cato.

Drew Cato was murdered in May 2018. His body was found the same month in McCormick County, South Carolina.

Andy remembers the search well. He said, “We had drones, we had boats, we had four wheelers, we had hunters, you know, we had dogs. We had all these assets. When somebody goes missing you don’t know who to turn to. We were given the run around for two or three weeks before we could actually locate his body.”

He continued, “The people where we knew he was last seen kept denying any involvement but we know right off from the front, from the first there, that they were involved in his disappearance. Their stories kept changing to us when they last saw him.”

July 1 Blaeke Wolfe, the mother of one of Drew’s kids, and Devin Stringfield will both be in court to face a judge. The pair is charged with murder and possession of a firearm during a crime.

Wolfe’s mother, Virginia Reynolds, will also go before a judge Monday. She is charged with concealing a death.

“As a victim and I consider myself a victim just as much as the rest of his family and his friends considered themselves victims but as a victim I want everybody punished. Not just the few that got caught, you want every one punished,” explained Andy.

For over a year the Cato family has been dealing with the unfortunate ending of Drew’s life.

Andy said, “He was just a big kid. Drew loved pranks. He loved pulling pranks on people. He was just fun-loving. All the kids, when you go to any get-together, the kids all correlated, kind of congregated around Drew.”

Drew had two kids of his own.

“Both of them are doing really, really well. Allie just got done wrapping up baseball season. She plays baseball and does really good and Hayden is doing great. He starts pre-school this fall. He’ll be four,” said Andy.

Since Drew’s death, the Cato family have used their experiences to help others all across the CSRA.

“We developed Project Drew which is a website on Facebook right now that allows people to go and interact, post pictures of missing people and where they are and we also have a group of people that can help do research to help try to find them. When they finally caught them they said they felt intense pressure on them so we knew what we were doing worked,” said Andy.

Do you forgive them (the accused)?

Andy responded, “I haven’t gotten that far yet. You know, the Bible tells me I need to forgive them but I haven’t gotten there and I hope one of these days I’ll reach that equilibrium. Right now, you know, just haven’t made it there yet. Maybe after justice is served and some time passes then I hope by then I can forgive them. I know I’ll never forget it but I hope I can forgive them.”

Trials for the three charged in Cato’s murder are set to begin on July 15 depending on what happens July 1.

Andy Cato said if you are going through something like this, never give up hope.

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