41st Augusta Futurity happening this weekend


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A lot of money will be up for grabs during an annual CSRA event. Starting January 18th, the 41st Augusta Futurity at the James Brown Arena.

People have been working throughout this week to get everything set up for the big horse cutting show.

Events start tomorrow night beginning with championship bull riding. Then cutting will start on Sunday.

In the 1970s, the sport of cutting was gaining popularity in the eastern United States but it was difficult for many cutters to get across the Mississippi River to travel to Oklahoma or Texas for big shows. So in 1979, the Atlantic Coast Cutting Horse Association was formed. Shortly after in 1980, the Augusta Futurity was launched. Ever since Augusta has become a hot spot for horse cutters.

“Well, it has a tremendous economic impact. People come here, they stay in the hotels, the motels, they eat in the restaurants. They buy merchandise from various stores. We even sell a few automobiles and trucks so it’s been great for Augusta and North Augusta boost,” said Augusta Futurity Chairman Billy Morris.

Former show manager Pete May explained, “They added another event called leveling. That is a new event. They’re trying to keep the number of entries high because it’s something people coming in now like that. And it’s a way of spreading the prize money out over more people.”

For a full list of events and more information regarding the 41st Augusta Futurity click or tap HERE.

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