AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – At four years old, Israel Scott was known as a friendly, sweet child who was very protective of his family.

“Whenever I left the house whether I was going off to work or going to the store I would ask, ‘what’s your number one job?’ He would always tell me that his number one job was to protect the house.,” Walt Scott reflects about his son.

But, he’ll never get to hear those words again. His little protector is gone.

“One of the Moms said ‘come get your baby.’ I kind of looked in her eyes and I saw tears in her eyes. Initially when I looked at her, I felt something and my heart sunk. So, I swung my door open, got out like ‘is he okay? Is he okay?’ I instantly started crying, screaming,” explains Israel’s mother Dori Scott as she recounts what happened on June 14th.

Dori Scott says parents were not allowed to watch the swim lessons.

But, she was feet away in her car.

“I heard somebody say, ‘he was in the deep end.’ I said, ‘the deep end?’ I’m looking, just watching him, crying, screaming they’re doing CPR. He never coughed up. I could tell he had been under that water for some time.”

Three weeks later, there are more questions in the case.

Attorney Lee Merritt says he is working to find the answers.

“We know from the Sheriff’s report and evidence that we have been able to gather that Izzy was left for about a 10 minute period where there seems to be no account for who was supervising him and what he was doing.”

He also says there are big questions as to whether state guidelines were followed while giving lessons to small children.

“There should be additional agents or employees present to keep an eye on the children. There should be people with first aid training, emergency medical training to provide first aid. That did not seem to be the case here when Dori Scott discovered her 4 year old on the side of the pool there was another parent providing first aide.”

While no one can bring Izzy back, his mother has words of advice to prevent another child from being taken in the same way.

“Know the rules. How many students are supposed to be in that class. Make sure that facility or pool has cameras. I would advise, if they tell you not to stay, take your child out. That’s just me.”

According to state guidelines regarding Parental Permission, “No child shall participate in a swimming activity without the Parents’ written permission.”

Izzy’s parents say they were never asked to sign a waive nor permission form for the swim lessons.

Dori Scott says she was only asked to pay the $100 charge via contactless payment prior to the swim lessons.

She was refunded the money two weeks after Izzy’s death.

No word on the whereabouts of the swim instructor.