NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) — The Savannah River bridge will soon be deconstructed and rebuilt. When finished, the Greeneway in North Augusta will be connected to the new bridge. There will be detours in place while the changes are being made.

“We’ll come over here to the Greeneway from Aiken,” Steve Rich shared with NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk. “I’ll take the camera out and we get two for one I’ll exercise, walk the area and shoot some beautiful pictures of the wildlife here.”

“We’ve been coming out here a lot more recently, started rollerblading, so I like it a lot,” said Michael Mahoney.

It’s a two-state project, starting in Georgia at 13th and Reynolds Streets and ending south of Georgia Avenue and Center Street in North Augusta.

“That’s gonna be great news for the area. We can’t wait to, you know, see all that to come about,” Rich added.

The Greeneway will be connected to the bridge’s proposed bike and pedestrian path. There will be several detours due to the construction.

“We’re very active,” Hannah Bartlett said. “So it’ll be nice to have somewhere to go that we can actually be active and not have to pay to get in or anything like that.”

“With any new, there’s gonna be some obstacles and challenges ahead,” Rich said.

The plan includes the Greeneway, Brick Pond Park, and the trail system near the tunnel at Waterworks Park. Multiple access points will allow entrance to those areas during the project.

Pedestrians and cyclists can use the tunnel at Georgia Avenue. All other tunnel locations will be closed. Barriers will be in place to prevent people from accessing closed trails.

“I think once people are informed with what’s going on if they’re gonna come out here, it’s all gonna be worth it in the end,” Rich said.

Because of the detours, it is unknown whether the roundabout at East Shoreline and Railroad Avenue will be closed to prevent people from going underneath the bridge. There are kiosks along the trail system to provide more information about the trail detours.

Meanwhile, the bridge will be constructed in 2025. Detours could be in place for four years.