300+ volunteers head to Denmark, South Carolina to build church in one day


DENMARK, S.C. (WJBF) – Crews from different states are building a church in one day in Denmark, South Carolina. The church is the 138th church built by the United Pentecostal Church – the first in the Palmetto State. 

The new sanctuary will seat between 100 to 120 people. Three Sunday School classrooms, restrooms, and a dressing room for the ladies will be inside. The dimensions, based on a national design plan, 34 x 84.

Growth is forcing the family Christ Center to enlarge the place of their tents.  The current sanctuary, a double-wide trailer. A trailer park in Columbia, South Carolina, providing the congregation with a ram in the bush. The owner said, “he had one more trailer home that he needed to get rid of,” Church First Lady Ivory Snipes said to NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk. “He didn’t want any money for it the only thing he wanted was for it to be moved for the new year,” she recalled.

It’s a whole lot of sweat and not a lot of time.  The church hoping to have services in its new home Sunday afternoon.

“I heard about this type of operation but I didn’t anticipate that it was coming to Denmark,” Mayor Gerald Wright said.

The weather didn’t change plans made before the beginning of time. “The roofers were working in the pouring rain,” National Event Coordinator for the United Pentecostal Church Terry Long said.

It’s a plan built on the compassion of others. A good work that begun carrying on until completion.

“Anytime I can help, helping someone out there grateful because someone helped me,” Volunteer Christopher Wilson said.

“I love the people of God and I just want to help give back into the community, you know, because the community has been good to me,” Volunteer Mike Miller added.

“It’s a really cool thing to do to help the community and stuff out,” a teenage volunteer said

“I’ve been wanting to do one of these for years. It’s just the first one I had an opportunity to do,” Volunteer Larry Wakefield added.

The latter glory of this house greater than the former. “It just overwhelms you to see so many people have the same burden as you do wanting to reach out to the city and see souls saved for the Lord,” Pastor Robert Snipes said.

In this new place, promises to give peace.

“Coming here seeing brother snipes congregation it just inspires me that we are doing such a great work,” General Contractor Robert Mahuron said.

For more information on the Church in a Day Project, visit: https://www.ciad.faith/

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