AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Two Augusta men make quite the catch on Monday night.

Two men were driving on Gordon Highway off Molly Pond road when they saw several Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Deputies pulled over on the side.

Turns out, someone on a kayak had been chased by a 10 foot six inch long alligator weighing 360 pounds.

Robby Amerson called his friend Trey Durant, who has an alligator hunting license, for help preventing the gator from being a danger to anyone.

The men say it took about two and a half hours to finally get the aggressive alligator under control and tagged before being able to remove it from the area.

They say Wildlife officials were notified and the gator was taken to a local processor.

People are warned to never feed alligators, go near them or hunt the animals without a valid hunting license.

According to Georgia Wildlife’s website, “hunters may use hand-held ropes or snares, snatch hooks, harpoons, gigs or arrows with a restraining line attached. Legal alligators must be dispatched immediately upon capture by using a handgun or bang stick, or by severing the spinal cord with a sharp implement.”

The current alligator hunting season began on August 16th and ends on October 7th.