AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Eddie Brley lives right across the street from where shots rang out on Oslo Road Easter morning.

“It sounded like an automatic weapon — about 14 or 15 shots,” Brley said.

21-year-old JuJuan Russel died as a result of that shooting. 

A shooting 3 days before in the same neighborhood killed 24-year-old Brandon Peebles.  

“I heard a lot of shooting and it sounded like it was coming from back here. As I was coming home the police were everywhere. I had to park around the corner and walk up here,” Hope Hudgins said.

Peebles was shot at least one time on the 2700 block of Prague Court

“I knew him from the neighborhood. He was just a quiet guy. Always walked by and was respectful and would speak,” Hudgins said.

Both shootings are still under investigation and no arrests have been made yet.

There is no word from investigators if there are any potential suspects or persons of interest.  

“Its kind of scary because they don’t know who did it,” Hudgins said.

People living in the area said the recent shootings have left them on edge.

“I’m much more cautious. I come in the house early because I don’t want to come out to my car at night since they don’t know what happened,” Hudgins said.

“You feel unsafe because you don’t know what direction or where it might come from,” Brley said.

The violence continued Monday morning as 72-year-old Johnnie Coleman was shot on Old Savannah Road.

That shooting is still under investigation.