AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Krista Maddox and her family are looking to give back to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia with their second annual “Miss Juliet’s Walk.”

“Our first event we had was when Juliet was born in October. We raised 10,000 dollars for the hospital. She ended up with a hospital stay of four months and had a very complicated medical stay. So we just wanted to give back to them after they gave so much to us,” said Maddox.

Juliet was born with Down syndrome and her walk is not only about raising money, but also about spreading awareness.

“The 21st chromosome, we all have two and she has three, so she has an extra chromosome which causes her to have some developmental delays, but there’s nothing she can’t do. She also had a heart defect which is why we were admitted to the hospital for four months,” said Maddox.

Krista and her family are thankful for everything the hospital did for them during their stay.

“Every single person here, even from the time she was born, was our family and checked on us and was just very welcoming. We were away from home for four months which is hard for anybody. Our kids were away from them and they just all provided a lot of positive support,” said Maddox.

Because of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, Juliet is now a very active one-year-old and Krista hopes to keep her walk going for years to come.

“Everyone has been so generous, so far. We even have people all over the country that have donated to the cause that aren’t even local here. She has a Facebook page called ‘Juliet’s Journey’ and we have a lot of close family on there through Facebook, so we’re thankful for everyone’s generosity,” said Maddox.

“Miss Juliet’s Walk” is a free event happening at Lake Olmstead, October 22nd at 9:00 a.m. Donations will be accepted up until the day of the walk.