AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Some people who frequent Minick Park say it needs a lot of work.

“It needs to be improved. Put some money where the children are,” Doreen Ray said.

Some people say the park doesn’t have water fountains and the only bathrooms are porta-a-potties.

“The kids get thirsty and want to wash their hands or use the bathroom. Not all of them are in diapers. It’s just sad. It really is,” Ray said.

The cracks in the walls of the recreation center are just one sign of age and disrepair in the park. A state grant program could provide the funding needed to make some major improvements.

“With the grant money we can get those restrooms fixed, hire an attendant for the park and get what’s needed really bad, a water fountain for these kids and young adults to have water on these hot days,” Jerome Oliver said.

If the city applies for the funding, it could provide up to 2 million dollars to improve parks and recreation facilities in the city.

Some hope that money will go toward helping smaller parks like Minick.

“Put it where it’s going to help the community and everybody. Not big parks,” Ray said.

Some people said improving the park also provides a safe place for kids to play and also an outlet to keep them out of trouble.

“I definitely want my son having something productive to do. A place to go that’s safe, clean and loving. That’s Minick Park all the way. Its a beautiful park it just needs a little bit more help on the up keep,” Oliver said.

Applications for the funding will be accepted until November 18.