2019 Westobou Festival now underway


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The 2019 Westobou Festival kicked-off October 2nd for VIP members. Now the big event is open for everyone and there are some changes this year.

It’s still downtown but instead of being at the Augusta Common, this year’s Westobou Festival will be on 11th Street in between Broad and Jones Street.

Between Jones and Broad Street, 11th Street is closed. The turn lane on Jones is also shut down.

With your festival pass, you’ll find on 11th Street Westobou’s free-outdoor main attractions like a ferris wheel, the beer garden, live art, and musical performances.

Some events that will happen in the Westobou Warehouse and the gallery for the next several days require tickets in addition to your Westabou Festival pass.

Westabou organizers moved the location of the arts festival so it could be closer to the Westobou Gallery.

“We’ve taken everyone’s feedback. Everyone’s feedback after every festival and we review all of those comments and sort of take in and filter through all of that. And what they wanted was something a little closer to the gallery. They didn’t want a bunch of overlapping events so here we are at 11th and Broad and very close to our gallery. And the warehouse space and everything is going to happen here. Nothing overlaps so it should be an easy festival experience for everyone,” said Westobou Festival Executive Director Kristi Jilson.

As the festival brings in a cultural impact on the Garden City, it also boosts the local economy.

Jilson explained, “It hovers around a million to 1.3 million and that’s because people are coming here. They’re visiting the festival. They’re going to go to dinner. They might shop a little bit. They’re going to get a hotel if they’re coming from out of town. All of our visiting artists stay at local hotels so sometimes you hear ‘heads in beds.’ That has a significant impact on our economy here.”

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