1st Annual Spring Fling Market


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)– A local business owner brings the community together with the first annual Spring Fling Market.

Saundra Kelly, co-owner of homeschool center Dekel mPact Services, says “this was once a heavy crime area, so bringing businesses here in the community to promote some activity in it will kind of decrease the crime over in this area.”

Kelly was motivated to help other small business owners whose businesses were affected by the pandemic.

“We want the community to come out and to show people that these businesses are back open and have some goods and services here too,” says Kelly.

The market included vendors from all ages such as Ciara Pinkney who recently started a handmade bracelet business. Pinkney says she was inspired by her parents to start her own business and encourages other young entrepreneurs to just do it.

“You don’t know where it could take you because we didn’t think that this is where we would be so, just if you want to do it then do it and just run with it,” Ciara says.

Kelly’s event was thanks to a team effort with input from Kimberly White, who also owns a small business, Accessorize in Spirit. White says she wants people to understand is the benefit in kid entrepreneurship.

“We like to work with the youth as much as possible and we know that the youth is what we look forward to so we have to teach them now and so yes, we promote the youth in entrepreneurship,” says White.

Plans are already in the works for the next market event in the fall.

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