NUNEZ, Ga. (WJBF)- The 15th annual Columbia County Charity Golf Tournament is coming up this weekend.

If you attend the tournament, you can pay for a $25 raffle ticket for a chance to win an EZGO golf cart. And the proceeds from those ticket sales are going towards a special cause: supporting Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, which is an organization that gives foster kids a place to stay while giving them the TLC they need.

There are 5 locations across the state of Georgia, and the nearest one is the Herrington-Homestead property in Nunez. The others include Boys Ranch in Hahira, Georgia, Cherokee Estate in Dalton, Georgia, MountainView in Dalton, Georgia, and the Pineland location in LaGrange, Georgia.

“We essentially provide stable housing and placement for children by no far their own just in the home,” said Herrington-Homestead Resident Director Anthony McCastle. “They’ve been neglected for whatever reason–abuse, family violence–and so what we do as an organization and agency is provide a safe haven.”

The Herrington Homestead location opened in 1994, thanks to a generous family that the property is named after.

“You have the Herrington’s, a very gracious and gifting family that decided to gift this land, and what they did was they partnered at that point in 1994 with the youth homes. So from there, you have this brand of Herrington-Homestead,” said McCastle.

The contributing members of the family include Miss Nina Herrington, Mr. Frank Herrington, and Mrs. Ruby Herrington Drew.

Along with the other 4 locations, they all work together to provide a safe home for Georgia’s most at-risk children. The 700 acres of farmland include a chapel, three cottages, a gym, a pool, a pool house, and outdoor spaces for the children to enjoy.

McCastle says it’s a privilege for him to do what he does, since he knows the struggles of the kids that come to the property all too well. “For me it’s very touching, because it goes back to my start with this–which was one of those residents, one of those children coming through the system, needing a home and a family. And this became my home and family. Here I am, speaking on behalf of what this organization and what youth homes gave to me,” said McCastle.

McCastle adds when it comes to these kids, every youth home strives to give the children a loving and secure environment.

And no matter how much money comes from the proceeds, every dollar is going towards the facilities, and longevity for the children.

“It supports being able to go out and have normalcy, being able to go out and participate in activities, go to the movies, and the necessities: clothing, all the toiletries, and personal hygiene products. These proceeds help out with the part of this that we have to do to take care of the children and give them sufficiency,” said McCastle.

The golf tournament will be at the Bartram Traill Golf Club in Evans this Sunday, October 22nd.

To purchase tickets in person, you can call (706) 832-8071.

To find more information about what Herrington-Homestead and other Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes do for foster children, click here.