13 counties meet at Regional Roundtable for TSPLOST Project renewal effective 2023


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- 13 county leaders came together this morning to vote on road projects that will be funded by the next round of the Transportation Sales Tax.

The Regional Roundtable meeting took place at the McDuffie County Government Complex.

Over a billion dollars in funding was broken up into separate projects for these 13 counties. Leaders deliberated on the lists right here. Among those in approval were Columbia County Chair Doug Duncan and Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis.

“It’s really fairly simple,” says Chairman Duncan. “If you want the road work, this is where it’s going to come from.”

“I think the people of Richmond County are going to be pleased,” says Mayor Davis.

The lists were viewed and amended. The next steps is for the people to vote on tsplost’s renewal, which, if passed, won’t be in effect until 2023.

Executive Director of CSRA Regional Comission, Andy Crosson, says, “from a regional perspective it is $555 million. The total tax that is expected to collect is $923 million, I think, and about 25% of that amount will go to local governments for them to use locally on projects, and that $555 million will go to the regional projects that they approved here today.”

G-DOT is adding $243 million dollars to that price tag. Regional projects include…

“Hereford Farm Rd. is number one,” says Chairman Duncan. “Hardy McManus is 1a. and then there is a big pot of money to do a whole lot of repaving.”

“The Augusta Corporate Park. We’ve got a rail project that will allow us to make a big difference there,” says Mayor Davis. “When you look at creating opportunities for industries to move to Richmond County, rail plays a central role to that.”

With about a billion dollars of the people’s tax money funding these projects, it will also create ways for them to get that money back in their pockets.

“I know that our other counties and our other counties are saying the same things, that they are able to put people to work when you see some of the resurfacing projects that are being done and some of the other counties like Wilkes, Warren, and even in Jenkins County,” says Mayor Davis. “Columbia County has a host of resurfacing projects that will allow them to expand our infrastructure opportunities.”

“I think folks checked their egos at the door and checked to make sure we had a good list for the whole region,” says Chairman Duncan.

The vote on the TSPLOST wont be until the Presidential Primaries in 2020.

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