12 local high school educators get a first-hand look at life as a Marine


Some local educators stepped away from teaching and stepped into the shoes as a Marine recruit.

Twelve teachers in our area traveled to Parris Island, South Carolina for the Marine Corps Educator Workshop. 

Teachers are an essential factor when it comes to helping students get on the career path they want.

This workshop shows those teachers career opportunities for students, through the Marine Corps.

During the last year of high school, some students choose what college they want to attend. Others will prefer the military, so 12 local high school educators went through an intense four-day workshop, with the Marines, for a first-hand look at life in uniform.

“Not only do they get to see the training aspect, how we develop, how we build, how we create a Marine; they get to see more than that,” said Major Jason Ellis.

Every year, the Marine Corps brings educators from around the country to this recruit depot, in hopes of raising awareness about what they do.

“They are yelling at us, they are telling us all these things to do, and we are like yes ma’am,” said Harlem High School teacher, Kimberly Poss. “You don’t think twice, and you don’t think to ask questions; it’s all about what they are telling us what to do and the discipline of doing it.”

Each day focuses on different training aspects. Jean Jordan says listening to one of the recruits talk about her experience was eye-opening.  

“She didn’t know what day of the week it was she didn’t know what time it was; because in training you’re just told what to do and when to do it,” explained Harlem High School teacher, Jean Jordan.

From telling students what to do to being told what to do, these educators are crucial to sharing their experiences as a potential career path.

“If I can do it they can do it,” said Jordan. “And teachers can do it, and we need more teachers in the CSRA to come to this educators workshop.”

“It’s easy to get lost in high school,” said Poss. “So if you have something to base your standards on especially in the military, then that’s something they can inspire to be.”

While they’re trying to help their students, the educators tell me they hope they can help themselves become better leaders.

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