11-year-old Augusta boy mowing lawns for free to help those in need


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Julian La Pan is an 11-year-old with a mission. This summer, his goal is to mow 50 lawns for people in need, including the elderly, disabled veterans, and single mothers; and he’s doing it all free of charge.

“Some people just can’t get out there anymore. Their grass just gets too tall and I just like to do it,” says Julian.

Julian and his mother saw a Facebook post from “Raising Men Lawn Care Service” about a challenge for boys and girls to mow 50 lawns with the winner receiving an assortment of lawn care equipment; but for Julian, it’s not about the reward. It’s more about the service.

“I’m not just working for that stuff. I’m working to see people smile and I just like to see it. Every time I go home and I just remember what I did and I just remember and I have a really good day,” says Julian.

“I saw a post on Facebook about Julian and I messaged his mom and that’s how we got in touch with each other. I’ve recently had knee surgery. I’m not able to get out and take care of my yard myself,” says Susan McArthur.

Reporter: “Is there anything you’d want to say to Julian right now for him coming out here and helping you out today?”

“Thank you and God bless you. Thank you’s not enough, but that’s all i can say at the moment. Tears are gonna flow in just a second, but it means to world to me and I’m just blessed he’s able to do this for me,” says Susan.

Julian’s work ethic and desire to help those around him dates back to when he was a small child.

“I was a single mother to him and his sister before I got re-married and I used to work 12 hour shifts daily just to try and make ends meet,” says Julian’s mother, Ashley La Pan.

“I looked out the window and my momma couldn’t afford lawn care service because she was a single mother and she cut the grass and I was too little to even pick up sticks and then on top of that she had work and taking care of us and feeding us and clothing us and I felt really bad. So, now I get to get out there and help people just like her so they don’t have to suffer from it,” says Julian.

“To see him doing it for single parents and people who can’t get out there and do it, such as myself, at one time, it makes me very happy,” says Ashley.

“Don’t just sit on your couch and feel bad. You need to get up and do something for the world or you might not ever have the chance again,” says Julian.

If you want to reach out and help Julian reach his goal, you can contact his mother, just CLICK HERE.

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