AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- Friday, families and veterans, both, are presented– in downtown Augusta– with a memory marker honoring their acts of service for their country. 

“Words cannot describe, but it does mean a lot that someone actually cares for you and thinking of you and the service you have rendered to your country,” veteran Anthony Taylor said.

Organizations in Augusta came together to express their appreciation for the veterans’ service and their families by placing a token of honor on the corner of Reynolds and 5th Street. 

“We had an opportunity this morning to pay it forward. To say ‘thank you,’ for those families who have lost loved ones in service and because of that, we were able to put up  a monument for those who served. And, again, it also speaks to the work that is yet to be done to provide primitive support– supportive services– to families who need it,” Commissioner Jordan Johnson said.

Daughters of the American Revolution and the Woman’s Club also contributed to having the memorial placed.

With Fort Gordon close by, families and veterans feel they have a solid supportive foundation in the community. 

“Of course we have Fort Gordon. Georgia is one of those states that really supports the Veterans,” Taylor said.

The marker is now standing next to the Blue Star Memorial Highway tribute where it remains the 10th Gold Star in the State of Georgia.