101-year-old fire victim was previous WJBF Giving Your Best winner


Earlier this month, we brought you the tragic story of a 101-year-old Edgefield, SC woman, killed in a house fire. It happened on Fairview Avenue.

The coroner said Georgia Collier-Scott died from smoke inhalation.

But years before she was on your screen as the victim of a deadly blaze, we introduced you to Ms. Scott-Collier, our WJBF Giving Your Best winner from January, 2012.  

Take a look back at her remarkable life:

The WJBF team presented Georgia Collier-Scott with the Giving Your Best award on MLK Day 2012… and the day couldn’t have been more appropriate because the then 95-year old retired teacher lived much of her life before the Civil Rights Movement, and she had to work hard and pay to go to school after 8th grade

She’s a crusader for education, establishing a museum at an old McCormick County schoolhouse …  and awarding a scholarship to a deserving senior.

GC-S: “Pick your peak…. and climb!  I’m saying to the young people, select a career and start climbing.”

And Georgia Collier-Scott is backing that challenge with a scholarship associated with her family history museum in McCormick County.  Her first recipient was a senior who plans to get her nursing degree.

GC-S: “And I said to this girl, your peak is RN, now start climbing. Now she’s in school at USC, studying to be a nurse.”

One of 8 children, Collier-Scott put herself through college and became a school teacher for 36 years. She’s a widow now, and the sole survivor of her birth family, but she has lots of extended family and a lot of projects to keep her busy.

One she’s especially committed to is an annual dinner for veterans. She’s hosted it for the last 20 years.  

GC-S: “I feel that these men and women have scars that we can’t see, some inward and outwardly. And yet when they return, they’re not the same.”

Susan Dawson wrote the nomination letter about Collier-Scott.

“She says, ‘It’s the right thing to do,’ so I applaud her- her patriotism- I really do.”

Patriotism, life-long learning, and valuing your heritage are just some of the reasons Susan admires and respects her elder cousin so much.

Dawson: “She’s wonderful. I do appreciate everything that she has offered, and everything that she is doing, she’s to be commended.”

Georgia Collier-Scott: Giving her best, always…. and making a difference in generations of family and friends.

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