10-year-old prepares for Marine Corps Marathon despite disabilities


The IronMan is gone for another year, but the inspiring story of the Pease brothers, who competed in the race together, stands strong, as they help kids with disabilities in our community live to the fullest through the Kyle Pease Foundation.

“Noah is a train wreck on paper, but he’s not that paper. So we don’t allow those diagnoses to define the life that he will live,” says Naomi Williams, Noah’s Mother.

10 years ago when Noah Williams was born, doctors told his parents that their child would never be able to crawl, walk or run because of a his cerebral palsy diagnosis.

In addition, he suffers from epilepsy and visual impairment.

“That’s a lot to take in for your child, and so I made a promise to him that as long as I had the ability to walk and to run that I would do that for him, and we’ve been rolling ever since,” says Naomi.

Now, with the assistance of the same athlete- Kevin Leung- from the Kyle Pease Foundation, Williams and Leung will be competing in their 6th Marine Corps Marathon together on October 26th in Washington, DC.

Williams’ mother helps her son practice for the 16.2 mile bike ride in DC by spending time at Lake Olmsted here in Augusta to train in his wike, which is an adaptive stroller.

It’s a moment where Williams is able to get out and feel included.

“He loves having the wind on his face, so when you go down hill you get this nice big smile. But just being out and about and apart,” says Naomi.

But of course it comes with challenges.

“Being able to get him, my bike, the wike, everything in the van, and getting him in. He’s about 70 plus pounds, travel. Everything is a challenge, but we just figure it out,” says his mother.

But Noah’s mother Naomi says life is full of challenges, so they live by making the best of what you have. She encourages other families to get their loved ones involved in the Kyle Pease foundation

She tells us the foundation has impacted Noah’s life and has put him in a place where he can win.

“What makes it all worth it is being able to be on the sideline and cheering for him. And not just him, but all of the other athletes that are coming through. But it’s my opportunity to be a soccer mom or a football mom,” says Naomi.

Noah’s mother also shares that the Kyle Pease Foundation is their family and community. To learn more about how to get involved foundation, click the link to this story on our website.

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