St.Patrick’s Day Parade in Augusta

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Residents in the Garden City spent time in Downtown Augusta celebrating the luck of the Irish. While all may not have been lucky, many went home with treats. 

It’s unlikely that you didn’t spot the sea of green across Downtown Augusta. The Irish American Heritage Society kicked off its annual parade on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day. For some, participating in the festivities is tradition.

“Oh its just grown,” says Linda Dotson. “It first started when my son was in middle school. He was in the parade and it was just so short. It was nothing like it is now.”

Gabriel Smith adds, “I love St. Patrick’s day. I love all holidays. Any time I get to dress up and go out and have a good time in Augusta, fine by me.” 

Some people told us the holiday is about making new connections.

“It’s all about being friends and the family. That’s what its all about. That’s what the parade is about, friends and family and meeting new people,” says the Grand Marshal, Tim Regan.

Others went to the parade for the free goodies and entertainment.

Whether you came to see the fire trucks, floats, leprechauns, or sweet treats there was one message that everyone shared.

“Seeing those colors or how people are dressed and the spirit that they have for Augusta, GA. To bring the people together, to let them know its more than just one, its about the community,” Berta Scott says.

If you missed the parade, click here for a list of events you can participate in this weekend, before your luck runs out.

St.Patrick's Day Parade in the CSRA

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