The far south entryway to Augusta Regional Airport is one that the general public never really uses but it does see a lot of traffic and many are saying this is a very unsafe situation. 

We caught private pilot Mike Pianka coming in the south entrance to the airport saying because of the heavy traffic this is rare,
“I’ve been coming here seven years I try to avoid making a left turn here you happen to catch me the one day I know the traffic isn’t too heavy,” said Pianka.

Airport officials and Commissioner Sammie Sias believing   this stretch of Doug Bernard is a serious accident waiting to happen, for those using this entrance.  

City engineers have taken a look  and suggested  spending 120 thousand dollars on  a turn lane  

“We really need this incremental step it is a safety issue and today that would solve the safety issue to some degree,” said Aviation Commission member Randy Sasser. 

“120 thousand will put something in place at this point that we can incorporate into a permanent fix when we re-do the road out there,” says Commissioner John Clarke. 

 Commissioners rejected the proposal, some saying they haven’t seen the engineering design, and  other arguing  why put this stretch of road at the top of the to do list. 

“What about the other taxpayers that have unsafe extremely unsafe road we’re going to omit them who have been in this city for years complaining,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

“I was very upset with my colleagues thinking it was not necessary, and it is a necessary situation,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

City leaders throwing out a lot of suggestions on what to do here have the traffic engineer do a study, commissioners do a site visit even deed the property to the airport so the airport could pay for the turn lane but right now city leaders taking no action with the issue coming back to then next committee meeting in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.