Local rapper mentoring kids in need

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The road to becoming a successful music artist can be a difficult one. 

Local Christian rapper Mighty Sanchez is dreaming big and taking action to spread a positive message to kids and those in need all on his own dime.

We don’t know what life is going to give us,” said Sanchez.

Since we don’t know what life will give us, Mighty Sanchez tries to give hope through his music. 

“I want to be a positive role model to the kids but also as these kids grow up I want them to see they still have someone to go to for encouragement or help them out in a situation,” explained Sanchez.

Sanchez told NewsChannel 6 he is following the examples set by two men who served as positive role models for him when he moved to the CSRA years ago. 

“If those people took the time to sit and encourage me and helping me, pointing me to a straight path then I should pay it forward,” said Sanchez.

He added, “There was a kid named Jeremiah he’s like 10 but he’s been following my music since he was 3. I made a deal with him, you do this and I’ll give you some free Sanchez merch (merchandise). I gave him a book bag. His parents told me they couldn’t even afford a book bag for school you know so it kind of blessed me.”

Being a Christian rapper in today’s music industry can be challenging.

“With my type of style of music it’s like you go to the rap scene and the rap scene is like ‘hey you’re a Christian, you’re a Christian rapper, you rap about Jesus, you need to go to the church.’ People don’t see the bigger picture sometimes,” explained Sanchez.

Mighty Sanchez does not have a manager and is creating his music all on his own which he said is difficult. Although to him, it’s all worth it. 

I don’t want nothing in return. I just want people to be happy. Once you hear my stuff it should give you the energy and motivation to do something positive.”

To learn more about Mighty Sanchez, check out his website.

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