Dancing With the Stars takes to the stage

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One of America’s most popular TV shows took to the stage in Augusta.

“This is a surprise for me. This is a Christmas gift,” said Jessica Cook.

“This year I decided to surprise her (mother) with tickets to this for Christmas,” said Caroline, a fan.

“It’s an early Christmas gift for me so I’m all excited about it,” said another fan, Nancy.

Christmas surprises seemed to be the pattern at Dancing With the Stars live at the Bell Auditorium in downtown Augusta. One man named Joe traveled all the way from Texas to take his girlfriend Nancy to the show.

Nancy said, “It means the world to me because he is the love of my life.”

Dancing With the Stars premiered more than 10 years ago and has gained a big following.

Cook explained, “Gosh, it’s been like 4 or 5 years that I’ve been following them and it’s two seasons a year so that’s a lot of seasons.”

“It’s always very strict in our house when Dancing With the Stars is on. We know we have to be quiet or else our mother will yell at us,” added Caroline.

These fans say the dancers are people they admire.

“You see that even though they’re stars that they still struggle and that they still have issues that every other person goes through during their life,” said Caroline.

Joe added, “A lot of work what they do. It’s a lot of work.”

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