“Oh, we’ll bring every freak that’s walking the planet to Augusta. Period”  

Sword swallowers, Fiji mermaids, and chocolate covered crickets…these are just a few things you would find in this turn of the century, Barnum and Baileys style dime museum.  

Pexcho’s American Dime Museum is the last of its kind in the U.S.  It is a veteran owned coffee shop and museum of oddities.  

“The museum was in Baton Rouge Louisiana. We were down there for a few years and before that, I was with the American Dime Museum in Baltimore”, says Peter Excho owner of Pexcho’s American Dime Museum.  

For those still wondering what exactly a dime museum is, the name ‘dime museum’ came from the 1800s entry fee of only ten cents. Dime museums were filled with peculiarities from around the world that people could see for the very low price of ten cents.

The oddities of the dime museum intrigued Peter enough to where he wanted to have his own. Peter told me about his very first time exploring one.  

“It had a spider on it and a giant ball of string. I thought, I don’t want to see dimes, but I kept driving by and said well, its got skulls. So, I went in and I went ohhh dime museum. Got it.”  

The atmosphere at Pexcho’s American Dime Museum is like no other in the CSRA providing a venue for wedding receptions, specialty coffees, and live entertainment. 

“We recently had the Squiddling Brothers circus sideshow. They eat glass, walk on glass, poke nails in themselves, swallow swords, swallow riffles, staple things to themselves, you name it”. 

There are many unique services this dime museum provides, but the one that challenges all other coffee shops in the area can be found right off the tracks. 

“We do have a half-priced train special. The only half priced train special in town. Hint Hint. Come on businesses we’ve got to get going with it here”.  

The museum will open June 8th at 1:00PM.  The cost of entry is just $14.28. There will be live entertainment, coffee, and plenty of fascinating oddities to blow your mind. 

“We want to bring tourism to Augusta. That’s why we’re here. This town is on the upswing and we are going to help it”. 

Be sure to follow Peter on Facebook for updates on events at the museum.