We asked people what Martin Luther King Day means to them

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Celebrating the man who sacrificed his life for equality in America. People across the country honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr during the three day weekend.

Peace, freedom, and equality are all keywords to describe Dr. King’s journey for people to be treated equally. 

Several people told NewsChannel 6’s reporter Devin Johnson what MLK day meant to them.

“Without him, I feel like we wouldn’t have those things,” said Stephaine Hughes. “Those things wouldn’t have come to us if we didn’t have him.”


“I’m so proud that we finally have a chance to honor him, to have a day to celebrate him,” said Gina Thurmond. “I hope we don’t use it for one day. Instead, we continue it through the rest of the year.”

People across the country are remembering all MLK did to bring people together.

“His legacy was so important and how it showed, how he approached the situation,” explained Ashley Thurmond. “It will be amazing to see his impact that he will have if he was still alive today.”

“I think many people right now don’t understand the struggles and different things they went through at that particular time,” said Roger Knox.

The Civil Rights Activist’s vision was to make America a melting pot for different races to be treated equally.


“Martin Luther King means integrity to me,” said Vanaisja Owens

“Being in the classes with them,” said Janae Green. “Taking the classes, they can take. Having that freedom to choose to want to be here or not. He means just having that freedom.”

The people of the River Region remember his sacrifice, dedication, and dream.

“Equality, peace, coming together as one, and everyone getting along,” explained Jamie Brown. “That is what he would want, and I think that what we all should strive for.”

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” —- Martin Luther King Jr.

Photojournalist: Antony Sherrod

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