Waynesboro residents want a solution now to control stray animals

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Waynesboro City Council members are working on a new ordinance to strengthen the problem of animal control.

NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson spoke several people who say they are frustrated with the problem of stray animals in the area. 

One lady told Devin she can’t enjoy working in her yard without the fear of a dog attacking her. 

“Last month I had trouble with a stray dog,” explained Ella Jones. “There are some chickens that I feed, and I came out of the house, and the dog had one of the chickens in its mouth. I yelled at it, and it ran off.” 

Waynesboro’s City Council is working out the details for a new ordinance to control stray animals, but people say they want results now.

“We have a dog catcher but only one,” said Jones. “We have problems all of the time, so when she is not available who do we call?”

And the animals are not just roaming the streets. One woman says several cats live under her home.

“They make a lot of noise under the house,” Vonetta Davis. “Sometimes it gets aggravating because it is earlier in the morning and you hear all of the cats meowing, crying, and other stuff that’s going on with them.”

Davis says the problem only seems to be getting worse.

“Each corner you go on you see a loose dog or a cat,” explained Davis. “I’m afraid of dogs, so I don’t do too much walking because I don’t know where a dog is. I don’t have time to be running.”

Both Jones and Davis say they hope the city leaders can come up with a solution to pick up the animals, and protect people in Waynesboro. 

“We have to be more mindful,” said Jones. “Just because it’s your pet, it knows you but it don’t it know me. “When the dog jumped at me, I was like wow.”

“People with pets need to make sure they are securing their dog or cat at all times,” said Davis. “Also making sure it’s safe for people to walk on the streets.”

There is another work session to work out more details before reading the new ordinance to the public. City Council meetings are on the third monday of each month. 

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