TRENTON, S.C. (WJBF) – Trenton, South Carolina is known for several things from the history in the town to the Ridge Peach Festival.

A big part of what makes Trenton though is its people.

Peggy Ann Moss has lived in Trenton all her life.

“My family were farmers, we were some of the first producers of peaches in the county. I just love this community said Moss.

She stayed in Trenton so long because of the love she has for her neighbors

“It’s a small very tight nit community, quiet, we have a wonderful chief of police that looks after all of us and keeps us all straight its a wonderful community,” said Moss.

Peggy Ann loves the Peach Festival and can remember when the very first one happened

“It was not as large of course it’s just grown over the years thanks to great leadership and volunteers,” said Moss.

During the festival Moss allows people to park in her pecan grove in the middle of town. She’s happy to help and happy to show it off.

“The barn at one time held Tennessee walking horses,” said Moss.

Peggy Ann represents what Trenton is all about. If you are at the Peach Festival she’ll be running the cobbler booth.

If I come out to this peach cobbler booth are you going to set me up with a piece of peach cobbler?

“I will, but you better there early though because it goes fast,” she said.