TRENTON, S.C. (WJBF) – The small town of Trenton South Carolina is the home of the Ridge Peach Festival.

Thousands come from all over to celebrate for the event.

“Truly there’s no place like Trenton. When you drive down this street on Peach Festival Day and those flags are waving and you get to the park and there’s so much energy there,” said Shari Huiet of Trenton Community Development Association.

If you’re passing through Trenton you should take a look around because it’s a small town with a whole lot of history.

The town square alone has a piece of Trentons history in every corner. There you’ll find a mural showing how the town once was.

“Myself, and several people, and the mayor, got some pictures together and we talked to Beth Clark who’s who’s a very good artist and she came down and looked and gave us a price and did it for us. It’s done in three, six, nine sections. Our little town use to be very big and have a lot of stores, three grocery stores at one time,” said Clerk Treasurer, Sandra Grandy.

Just a few steps away from the mural is the old bank which is the future site of the towns museum.

Inside is you’ll find a whole lot of Trentons History.

“Most anything you want to see that’s from the country. Everything in here belongs to somebody, doesn’t anything belong to the town. They’ve got a piece a paper stating come get it, any time they want it,” said Mayor Billy Padgett.

Mayor Billy Padgett was excited to show us around.

“This is how they use to put the mail in,” explaind Padgett. “These are old books from the past one of each year from the past,” said Padgett.

For Trenton preserving it’s history is important. Not only for themselves but for future generations to come.

“You know a lot of people don’t know anything, about anything old and this is a way you can come in, maybe bring a school group in and see how the old stuff use to be,” said Padgett.