RIDGE SPRING, S.C. (WJBF) – Ridge Spring is the home of Titan Farms. NewsChannel 6’s Brandon Dawson stopped by to talk to the peach giant about what it means for them to be able to be able to give back to the community.

A big part of Ridge Spring, South Carolina is Titan Farms.

They’re the southeast’s largest producer, packer, shipper and processor of fresh peaches and vegetables.

“We’ve been in Ridge Spring farming for twenty five years. We started in 1999,” says co-owner, Lori Anne Carr.

For Titan Farms, being a part of the Ridge Spring Community is important.

“This is a small community and everyone knows one another and everyone looks out for one another,” says Carr. “Our employees are the vein of everything that we do. They’re the most important part of our operation. Everyone of our employees is a part of our family, so I say we’re not your traditional family farm but it’s my family farm.”

Not only does the farm employ a lot of people from the community but it’s also important for them to give back.

“It’s just really anything the town needs, we try to jump in as best as we can”

“We give back to the community and the community gives to us, this time of year especially, the peach crops are just starting to come in, we’re starting to see a lot of the familiar faces who come year after year. We help sponsor the Peach Festival, we do a lot of things throughout the year with helping the local community, we do a lot of charity drives, so I know Titan Farms is important to this area,” says Padget Cowan, Director of Human Resources.

Titan Farms is a big part about what makes Ridge Spring special.

“I’m really appreciative for the investment that the Carrs continue to make in this operation, it’s created more than just jobs, it’s helped create careers here in Ridge Spring and at Titan Farms,” says Carr.

And it’s the people in the community, and the workers at Titan Farms that keep it going.

“You are the heart of Titan Farms, each and every one of you. You are the heart of Titan Farms.”