MONETTA, S.C. (WJBF) – A hidden gem awaits movie enthusiasts seeking a touch of nostalgia. The Big Mo Drive-In Theatre. It is a testament to a bygone era.

Visitors to the Big Mo are transported to a world of classic movie magic across three screens.

“Skyview, they used to be out on Peach Orchard Road. Our family went out there quite regularly cause we were a large family, so you take your whole family and go to the movies,” Rosalyn Culbreath recalled. “We just do a lot of research on the internet, see what movies have buzz, and what people are talking about.” Co-owner Lisa Boaz said.

It opened in 1951, closed for a while, and reopened in ’99 with new owners.

“We had young children at the time, and we knew how hard it was to go out to a movie,” Boaz recalled. “We used to go to a drive-in in West Virginia. We really enjoyed the experience, so we just wanted other people to have that experience that we had,” she added.

The heart of this experience is the mammoth outdoor screen that towers over the theater grounds. But what sets it apart is the unique way the audio reaches its audience.

“I was looking for these little speakers, and nothing was out here. And they said, turn on your radio. They gave you the station to listen to,” Culbreath added. “You also can roll up the windows in your car and talk during the movie, and you don’t have to worry about bothering anybody else,” Boaz said.

There’s more to the Big Mo than watching movies. Families come out early to set up, enjoy time together, and even have a mini-tailgate before the show begins.

“I like about it is just going to the movies and just enjoying time and just being to do whatever you want and watch a movie,” Max Story said.

“This is actually like our second time being out here, so he was out here at the Jungle gym. We’ve been to concession stands, so we make it a thing when we come out here,” Jerome Culbreath added. “It wasn’t like a long line or whatever. I mean, you just came straight on in, and I like it,” Natajia Rauch said.

For many, it offers a sense of nostalgia and an opportunity to create new memories.

“We popped our own popcorn, brought our own little candy, put it in our own little bag. And even every now and then we got in a little free [laughs], you talking about four children and another family member had two children. So, you know, we’d hide under the covers until you got through to the movie part and then we all got out and had a good time,” Rosalyn Culbreath recalls.

“Have a good time with my family. Enjoy the movie. The Little Mermaid,” Anthony Carroll said with his daughters in tow. “We’ve had a lot of engagements and we can do a proposal on screen,” Lisa Boaz added.

Of course, a peach marks the spot for the concession stand that’s fully stocked, making sure moviegoers are fully satisfied. From classic favorites to delicious treats, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The drive-in: the perfect place for a family outing or a date night.

“We’re hoping to keep the drive-in going, passing it down through the family, and creating memorable experiences for generations to come,” Boaz said.

The Big Mo is open Friday-Sunday nights from March through November. Sometimes it’s open on Thursdays for new movie releases. It’s cash at the gate, but cards can be used at the concession stands.