MODOC, S.C. (WJBF) – A Modoc Antique store is getting ready for the Peachtree 23 Yard Sale. I stopped in to check out the store and see how the owners were preparing for the big event.

The Peachtree 23 Yard Sale is 44 miles of antique sales, farmers markets and more.

The entire event is spread across several participating towns in South Carolina.

One of the towns along the route is Modoc, and if you’re passing through you may have noticed Recycled Treasures.

“Recycled Treasures in Modoc is a place that brings back memories, and you can buy things that you didn’t even know you wanted until you saw them,” said Co-Owner Judi Keith.

The store has been around for about four years now but the owners have been in the antique game for a while.

“We lived here for almost 40 years and we had an antique shop called Willow Patch in McCormick for quite a few years, and traveled around and did antique shows. Then we sold that and took a booth to Downtown Augusta, and were there for 21 years,” said Judi.

Customers are blown away when they stop by the little shop, located on South Carolina Highway 28.

“When they walk in the door they’re like oh my gosh I had no idea that there was this much stuff inside,” said Judi.

“This place has everything, if you like little knick knacks, if you like lamps, if you like rolling pins, if you like anything, especially pink things, they’re here,” said Modoc Resident, Teresa Patton.

The folks at Recycled Treasures in Modoc are ready for the Peachtree 23 Yard Sale, and if you stop by you may just find what you’re looking for and maybe something extra.

“It’s a little bit of everything, a lot of antiques, a lot of gifts, and it starts here and ends up in Batesburg or vice versa,” said James Kieth.

“We love all the older people that come in that remember things from their grand parents and from their moms but what’s really wonderful is when the kids come in and they don’t know what things are and we get to explain to them what those were used for and how people are using them now,” said Judi.