NAACP Augusta Branch celebrates Martin Luther King Jr with 45th annual Freedom Fund Gala

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The NAACP Augusta Branch kicked off the weekend by highlighting the man who had a dream for people to be treated equally. 

NewsChannel 6’s Devin Johnson spoke to several members on what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr means to them.

“For me, it’s the combination of what he stood for, what he said and how he did it,” explained Eunice Miller. “He was such a humble person to me.”

Decades after giving one of the most famous speeches in history, Martin Luther King Jr is still remembered for his dedication for an equal America.

“He changed the game pretty much, at one point people couldn’t go to school together,” said NAACP youth group member, Carlos Smith Jr. “There was segregation at schools, and that was a big issue. we take for granted for what he did.”

The NAACP hosted its 45th annual MLK Freedom Fund Gala. It’s to educate the youth and community about the hardship Dr. King went through to end segregation.

“Children here are always going to know where it is they came from,” said Russell Nurse. “That one individual that they may come across tonight might be that influence that keeps them from going down that right path.”

The assistant youth coordinator says Dr. King’s legacy inspired him to fight for what’s right.

“It goes to standing up for what’s right,” explained Nurse. “Not allowing people to disrespect myself or my son, but also any other child and individual I may come across.”

Another member told Devin, we should remember Dr. King’s dedication every day, rather than just one day out of the year.

“I think we need to continue to remember his words, his acts, and his courage,” said Miller.

Bringing people together was Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision.

The River Region will continue to honor him with several church services and a parade on Saturday. 

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