More than a thousand people show up for the 5th annual March for Jesus

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Downtown Augusta could be heard from blocks away, as more than a thousand people walked the streets marching for Jesus.

13th Street in downtown Augusta was a little busier than usual, as people in the CSRA spent their Saturday morning for the 5th annual “March for Jesus.” 

Dorothy Spaulding organized the march after she says God told her too.

“I heard Augusta 15th, four years ago, gather the people together and do a march for Jesus,” said Spaulding.

Now on the fifth year after listening to the voice she heard, Spaulding is grateful that the march has a significant impact on the city of Augusta.

The coordinator tells NewsChannel 6, the march for Jesus is anything but political. 

“We made that very clear,” explained Spaulding. “The march is not political; it’s all about him.”

Supporters including Elizabeth Grant came to show her support.

She told us, she only missed one year due to back surgery.

Now that she has returned, Grant says she excited so many people came together to share their love with Jesus. 

“It just makes me feel so good to see all of us here,” said Grant. “Because God doesn’t see color.”

Spaulding hopes the number of people who participate in the march will continue to grow.

She says the march for Jesus is open to anyone, even if they haven’t claimed their love for Jesus.

“We have a lot of people that came who don’t know Jesus, they just wanted to be a part of it,” said Spaulding. “Before they go, our prayer is that God will deal with their hearts.”

People told NewsChannel 6, it doesn’t matter what race or religion they are, they are just glad they came together for one purpose.

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