Food drive helps the furloughed and many others

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The partial government shutdown affected the pockets of hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. Here at home, nonprofit organizations want to curb the needs of federal workers and many others.

“We’re servicing over 1,400 clients this year,” said Concerned Women Incorporated Executive Director Bea Sanders.

What started as a regular food drive for those in need, the timing of it couldn’t have been better for those who missed their checks from the federal government.

Ann Snyder from Golden Harvest Food Bank said, “This had already been planned for a while but with the shutdown being prolonged and kind of dragging on and people missing their second paychecks, we decided what a great opportunity to get the word out and open it up to federal employees who might also be affected and in need at this time.”

“People come to us and say they just need food. That they were furloughed and still working. They just need a little help so we fill that need for them. We are seeing some of the people during the shutdown that have been coming to our facility,” said Sanders.

Concerned Women’s Inc. usually focuses on the elderly and children but to meet the needs of everyone, they teamed up with Golden Harvest.

Snyder explained, “That’s really one of the main ways that we help is through partnering with strategic people who are already close and working with individuals they know are most in need and then providing that food to them.”

“We’re going to give you the meat. We’re going to give you the rice. We’re going to give you the beans. We’re going to give you a meal so when you go home or your child comes home from school, your child will have a hot meal that you have prepared for them,” added Sanders.

For Snyder, she hopes the help doesn’t stop here.

She inquired, “How can we can we best help the person beyond just food? What other resources do we need to connect them with to help them build a better life?”

The food drive today served more than 140 families and 460 people. The next Golden Harvest Food Bank event along with the Augusta Jewish Community Center is ‘Empty Bowl’ on March third at the Legend’s Club. 

Concerned Women’s incorporated is in the search of a new building to help click here.

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