Couple’s play will raise money for cancer research

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About one in eight women could develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. In the United States, nearly 41 thousand are expected to die from it.

Every October, the River Region works to raise breast cancer awareness. October 6th Zee Zee Wright and her husband John will put on “Dreams of Harlem” at the Maxwell Performing Arts Theather.

It’s a unique way survivors of all cancers will be helped. 

“To me, this honors my aunt and my best friend,” explained Wright.” 

Playwright and author Zee Zee Wright is on a mission to help cure cancer. On Saturday people will line up at the Maxwell Theater of Performing Arts to see an encore of her play Dreams of Harlem.

The play goes back into time to the roaring 20’s featuring a young man wanting to help people. That kindness is something Wright’s play and the character have in common. 

“What we are doing with this is giving 50 percent of the profits back to cancer research,” said Wright.

The playwright tells NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson, one loved one died battling breast cancer, and another one is still in the fight. 

She wanted to bring awareness to people in the two state. Some of her cast members also had loved ones who died from cancer. 

“My godmother she had leukemia, and she never really talked about it,” said Toni Ross. “I never knew exactly what was going on until it was to late.”

James Hankerson, Shantelle Wheeler, and Toni Ross broke away from practice to tell Devin about their experience with family members battling cancer. And, why they felt like it was essential to spread awareness through Dreams of Harlem.

“You have to do something that gives back, that will move the progress forward,” explained Wheeler. “I think it’s very important we are in this play because it’s just not talking, it’s action being done.” 

Hankerson says the play will genuinely help the community.

“Sometimes we have to look inside ourselves and realize the life we live is not about us,” said Hankerson. “It’s about helping someone.”

Though entertaining, the actors’ efforts to raise cancer awareness will help out thousands.

“There is hope,” explained Wright. “That’s what not only the story is about; never giving up on your dream. Also never give up period.”

Both John Beveridge and Zee Zee Wright say they will have patients battling cancer in the audience. There will also be MCG physicians to speak about cancer awareness.

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