(WJBF) – Country Music star Drake White has received many accolades over the years including Rolling Stone’s 10 Country Artists You Need to Know, the Grammy’s Artist of Tomorrow, and more.

Back in 2019, doctors told him he may never perform again after he collapsed on stage due to a hemorrhagic stroke.

“My hand started going numb. Like, it started tingling and my foot felt like it had a bowling ball on the end of it and in Virginia that day it was just my time and it started spinning around, cotton candy sky just started swirling around, and I got really dizzy, and I fell,” said White.

Drake White was lucky to be alive.

After the stroke, in the hospital, he was unable to move the whole left side of his body.

Even with that going on, he still had a desire and passion to perform.

“Six months after that I got rid of my walker, got rid of my cane, and I walked onto my first stage six months after that, which would’ve been February of 2020. I walked on the cane and I just swallowed my pride and I’m going to tell this story because maybe somebody needs to see me limp on stage,” said White.

White’s mission is to inspire those who may be going through the same challenges he did.

“You can heal a stroke, you can heal nerve damage, there are ways to do it, look into it, dive into it, and find your purpose,” said White.

Drake White is performing in Waynesboro for the Boss Hog Cookoff.

Whether you’re going to have good time or get some BBQ, White promises it will be an experience you won’t forget.

“Even if you’ve never heard of us, jump on over there and I promise you won’t regret it.”

Drake had a lot to say, especially with it being Stroke Awareness.

We left his full interview below.