College football fans grabbing their last second gear before the big championship games

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“People are always coming in looking for game-day stuff,” said Cecil Muller.

Fans across the country are preparing to cheer on their favorite team during the SEC and ACC championship games.

Many are rushing to retail stores looking for the right gear to rally behind their team. 

“Everybody wants to have a fresh shirt, so yeah, it’s been flying on the shelves,” said Muller. 

Muller says Hibbett Sports has a large selection for college football fans to choose from this year.

“We got several hoodies and different long sleeve shirts,” explained Muller. ” We have some of our winter-wear that tends to sale a little bit better now. A lot of that stuff is getting moved out the door.”

One fan tells NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson she is struggling to find a shirt before tomorrow’s big championship game. 

“I waited to the last minute, and I’ve been to like six different stores all over Augusta trying to find just a shirt,” explained Kaitlin Thigpen. “I cannot find anything.”

Thigpen says she is determined to find an Alabama shirt for Saturday.

“Everybody keeps telling me I need to go to Alabama to get an Alabama shirt!” said Thigpen.

She did find a shirt, a little farther down the road, though because this store sells mostly BullDawgs stuff.

“We’re here to service the customer,” said Muller. “Anytime we can get them what they need, and it puts a smile on our face. Hopefully, that will help them come back and see us.”

If Georgia comes out with a victory, the manager says Hibbett Sports will open its doors earlier than usual on Sunday.

There will be lots of SEC championship shirts for the fans.

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