Bitter Sweet: Fans watch UGA take on the Texas Longhorns in 85th Sugar Bowl

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NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson was at a watch party at the Indian Queen talking with a couple of fans. 

Not only do they want a victory, but they hope it will show the college football committee UGA deserved to be in the playoffs.

“They should’ve been in the playoffs,” explained Robert Mullins. “You saw what Notre Dame did? I mean Georgia should’ve been in the playoffs. I think Georgia would’ve played a lot better.”

New Years Day Georgia fans will rally for their team one last time. UGA faces the Texas Longhorns in the 85th Sugar Bowl.

Fans at many bars, including those at Indian Queen, are watching to see if the Bulldogs will make a come back from a devastating loss to Alabama.

“I feel bad for Texas right now, because they do not need to be playing Georgia right now,” said Sean Rogers. “They’re angry, and they’re mad, I think Texas got the short end of the straw. I think Georgia is going to come out 21 plus.”

The manager of the bar says the energy of being in the bowl game is different than joy.

“It’s not the same level of excitement,” said Rogers. “I think everyone is excited to prove to the committee they got things a little mixed up this year, and to prove them wrong.”

One fan remembers experiencing Georgia winning the Sugar Bowl when he was a kid.

“I saw Georgia win the national championship, and it was just amazing,” explained Mullins. “Of course, that was in the Sugar Bowl to beat Notre Dame, the team that kind of bump them out of the playoffs this year.” 

Even though the Bulldogs will be watching Alabama take on Clemson for the National Championship, 
fans say the Sugar Bowl will prove they’re one of the best teams in college football.

“The Sugar Bowl is a good bowl game,” said Rogers. “At the same time I think all of the fans, the alumni think they deserve better than that. So tonight is the conclusion of the year; kill them and prove to the committee they got it wrong in the playoffs this year.”

“Georgia fans are going to be excited to see them play no matter what,” said Mullins. “Yeah, they are disappointed they didn’t make the playoffs, but still, we are in support because there is always next year.”

Georgia’s has played in 10 Sugar Bowls, while Texas is at four. Georgia meets Texas for the fifth time since 1984 at the Cotton Bowl. Georgia won that game.

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